Piano lessons of 60 and 90 minutes are offered in piano and music theory. All lessons are taught in a supportive and nurturing environment. Every consideration is given to the musical and personal needs of each student.

This highly individualized plan empowers the student to progress towards his or her own goals at a comfortable pace.

 Piano lessons cover:
•Performance technique and musicianship
•Phrasing and tonality
•Music notation and sight - reading
•Music theory and harmony
•Interpretation and musicality


Beginner students learn the fundamentals of keyboard performance and technique at their own pace:

a basic knowledge of rhythmic values (i.e. whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, etc.) and the ability to sight - read at the piano in both treble and bass clefs.


Intermediate students learn the ability to play major, minor scales and arpeggios working on more advanced works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Chopin.


Advanced students design and develop their own unique study repertoire, learning different techniques and styles through an array of masterpieces.

Theory Lesson

Students learn the elements of music including notation, symbols, names of notes through the solfeggio, clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, intervals, triads, and seventh chords. Students are introduced to the reading of simple scores and apply basic skills learned in class.